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Originally posted by Cats_eye
Originally posted by mahrookh
How can you guys expect them not to win in Australia ? Is that possible .
Mr. Mahrookh,
May I ask who won the 1st VB series final match this year? Was it your so powerful, over confident Australian team? Or did they lose?

Word of advice, don't be cocky and over confident. It will come and haunt you. This is Cricket my friend. Anything can happen. If the mighty Australia can lose against BD batting first, (so much for your 96% stat ) then they can lose to the SL team too. The series is tied. Whoever plays a better team game will win.

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Thanks for your advice i will keep quiet from now on untill the Aussies gonna win the VB final in few hours . Srilanka just won 2 matches against the Aussies . It happens once in a blue moon when Australia looses to the lower rank teams but in the final when each and every people in Australia are so confiedent they gonna win then they will win by big margins . You support whichever team you like but we will go for the Aussies . Go Aussie Go .

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