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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
Aklemalp. Pal.

I didn't mean it in any bad way nor labelled you a true hater hater, troll or anything. I Just found the spelling of Sylhet as "Shylet"disrespectful because Shy is a word, just sounds offensive - 'Shylet'. Hence I fought ya hating.

I appreciate you understood and acknowledged the error. Peace!

And damn. Look at the response from some Non Sylhetis....
Don't take the sylheti referenced jokes too seriously bro.
Sometimes I feel so bored and see BC so dead that I purposely joke around.

Why? Just to make BC a bit lively. Sylhet jokes pull people in most of the time
Like let's make Sylhet the capital of Bangladesh

Most of the brothers here are genuine members, have grown used to them.
I don't think anyone genuinely hates Sylhet.. it's more banter..

But in saying that, we mustn't forget everything isn't rosy between sylhetis and dhakaiyas.
Maybe we should just avoid it not to flame that divide.. or hatred.
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