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Default Michigan gymnasts Syque Caesar, Sam Mikulak will compete against each other at Olympics

Thank you dear Ashraf bro for that link and tell us about this U.S,/Florida born gymnast Syque Caesar....I had no idea about him...

this is really great news bhais and apus, read about this guy, Syque Caesar, who will be representing us, Team Bangladesh in the London Olympics in Gymnastics, especifically in all these, Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Horizontal Bar, Parallel Bars....I am just pasting what Ashraf already gave us in the link, so it all courtesy of our dear Ashraf. I wanted to paste it because I think sometimes people might not read unless somehting catches there eyes, the photos and all, big headlines etc. dear Ashraf bro and mod bhais please don't get mad at me for pasting it again...

..This guy, Syque Caesar will be competing in the Olympics against his roomamte in Michigan, in Perallel Bars, Syque Caesar has dual citizenship of U.S. and Bangladesh, and he chose to represent Bangladesh instead, he couldve represented the U.S. instead, his roommate in Michigan, Sam Mikulak is also in the Olympics and will represent the team U.S.A. and they will compete there against each other for two different countries, when they also belong to the same University team, The great University of Michigan and teamamtes and roommates there...this is classic movie story/material guys...

This was published in the Detroit Frees Press Newspaper.

Michigan gymnasts Syque Caesar, Sam Mikulak will compete against each other at Olympics

Syque Caesar will perform on the high bar in the London Olympics that start this month. It's a good thing he doesn't need his left biceps to do this.

Caesar tore it clean off the bone last week training in Ann Arbor. He felt a pop while on the rings but didn't notice it until swinging on the parallel bars a few minutes later. After practice, the University of Michigan gymnast told his coach, Geoff Corrigan, he felt a little weird in the shoulder. An MRI confirmed the biceps tear Sunday night.

All of this is nothing more than a nuisance for Caesar. He is about to become the first Olympic gymnast in Bangladesh's history. No torn muscle will deter him. And why would it?

Caesar already had recovered from a torn anterior cruciate ligament, a torn labrum and a detached biceps in his right arm. That last injury happened at a meet in January when U-M was competing against Illinois and Oklahoma. Caesar knew immediately his senior season at U-M was finished. But the team trainer told him he might still have time to compete for his parents' native Bangladesh -- if he got the wild card and made the team.

He cut his six-month rehab in half. Tuesday morning, he arrived at U-M's gymnast training facility in Ann Arbor wearing a dark green sweat suit and scarlet-red undershirt.

"Was difficult putting these on here," Caesar joked.

Bangladesh's colors resemble those of Michigan State and Ohio State.

"Green and red are two colors you don't wear anywhere around here," Caesar said. "Felt a little strange walking around campus."

Strange, yet plenty comfortable. Caesar may have grown up in the U.S. -- he was born in Florida -- but he was raised as a Bengali. His parents grew up there, his extended family remains there, and he has visited several times.

The idea to compete for his family's home country was hatched in 2010 when Corrigan approached him to inquire about citizenship. They got Caesar's father involved -- he played soccer for Bangladesh's national team -- and all three navigated the paperwork to set up dual citizenry.

Last winter, Caesar competed for Bangladesh at the Central South Asian Artistic Gymnastic Championships. He won gold in the parallel bars, silver in floor exercise and bronze in the vault. The medals were the first for Bangladesh in an international competition.

Now he wants to try to medal in the Olympics, where the competition will be much tougher. (He will compete in parallel bars, high bar, floor exercise and vault.) That means he may have to compete with his roommate to do this, at least in the parallel bars.

Fellow U-M gymnast Sam Mikulak will be in London, too. The sophomore qualified for the U.S. team this summer. Mikulak competes in all six categories, which means Caesar likely will see him in parallel bars and the floor exercise, Caesar's strongest categories.

Mikulak is gifted in both, too. The roommates have different styles. Mikulak is a gifted acrobat with uncanny balance and strength who pushes the limits in every event. Caesar, said Corrigan, is more artistic.

Caesar said Mikulak inspires him. Mikulak said the same thing of Caesar, especially when he found out his roommate got the Olympic nod before he did -- Caesar learned he'd made the team in April via e-mail.

Still, the roommates and teammates are grateful for one more chance to cheer on one another, as they have the past two years in NCAA meets. They still share Maize and Blue. It's just that both have added new colors and emblems on their sweatsuits.

Caesar wore his proudly around Ann Arbor on Tuesday, covering up the scars on his arm where a surgeon reattached his right biceps in January. He doesn't have time to get his left biceps reattached.

"I don't know anybody else that could do gymnastics with a torn biceps," Corrigan said.

But there Caesar will be, marching into the Olympic stadium in London, attempting to win the first medal for Bangladesh. Not just gymnastic medal, but medal period.

"It's the most populous country in the world without a medal," Caesar said.

He aims to change that.

"If he is absolutely perfect, it is definitely possible," said Corrigan, "but I hope Bangladesh is proud of him for competing."

Contact Shawn Windsor: 313-222-6487 or

More Details: Michigan gymnasts
Sam Mikulak: 19-year-old U-M student from California, competes for United States.
Quazi Syque Caesar: 21-year-old U-M student from Florida, competes for Bangladesh.
Summer Olympics
When: July 27 to Aug. 12.
Where: In and around London.
Key dates
For men's gymnastics medal events:
July 30: Team.
Aug. 1: Individual all-around.
Aug. 5: Floor exercise,
pommel horse.
Aug. 6: Rings, vault.
Aug. 7: Horizontal bar,
parallel bars.
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