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I don’t understand where we get the idea from. Because ramiz raza said so. This is not realistic blame to bring against the players. And why in each case when we fail we have to blame coach (JS) or the Captain.

If we go over today’s match against SL. Tamim got out improvising a stupid four but that don’t show he is selfish player. Ash was playing brilliantly. All my friends who were watching the match were sure he will do something. But only one bad shot get him out...where is the selfishness? Roqibiul tried his best but most successful batsman in cricket world has problem with murali's DUSRA. Now I don’t want to clarify each of the batsman innings. But one thing surely this is not selfishness but it is the mental problem. It is easy to say different words/ things from outside. But the players are the one who are facing the opponent in the field.

I would like to say one more thing; I like the concept of scoring 240+ every match. Because the opponent team don’t go for the statistic how many game we win in last 10 matches. They look for overall performance of the BD team. If SL/ IND/ PAK/ AUS find out the stats that we scored 240+ in every game we played in last 10/20 ODI then the impression about the BD team will change. They will think twice. Their batsmen will think be4 making slog shot, their blowers will think about line and length. But if they find out (which they normally do) we win 2 games in last 10 ODI then it don’t make any good impression because the other 8 matches we lose very badly.

So my point is, what BD team is trying to do is that they want to achieve a slot first and then go for win. It is much better option rather than go for 1/2 win in 10 odi and lose the rest badly.

When you do something for your country you do it from your heart...everybody is not nizami/golam azam. i respect my country and i respect the players (although all of them are younger then me). It is very rude to call them selfish. Hope i can justify my points.
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