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Originally Posted by Nasif
With all the "PL"s going on, is there a chance that cricket will be same in next 10/15 years? Now we have IPL, BPL, SLPL, and few other T20 leagues going on throughout the year. I am sure the numbers will increase over time. Popularity of T20 leagues are undeniable.

If all test playing countries have at least 1 league, then that's 10; but lets say everyone isn't capable of running a league and assume a small number, say we end up with 6. That's 6 months out of the year, when players would be engaged in some sort of PLs.

If you take current approach, i.e. national game is more important than PLs, then boards would have to continue with their FTP with restricting national team players from participating in any PLs. Players who don't get selected in the national team might actually get to make more money by getting a call up to one of the running PLs.

Like everything, in time, money will win out. Players would want to participate in PLs rather than go for month long tours with less financial incentives. Yes, national pride has some opportunity cost, but that steam will run out competing against $$$ in PLs.

So, whats the future? Will ODI & Test cricket die out (at least current FTP)? Teams would probably end up with less tours and more participation in PLs. What would make FTP viable, more money?
I hate the Bollywoody hype surrounding the IPL (overall khyatami, Shatneresque overacting stars and lipsynching @$$clowns, cheerleaders, sideline interviews, talking to players on the field, "perpetrating" bimbo and mimbo presenters with that VW accent, the horribly repeated horrible TVCs) but find T20 intriguing in its own right. It's pressure packed and challenges cricketing strategy and temperament in bold new ways for everyone involved. Also as a format that lasts 3 hours max, much like our baseball, it's perfect for the hectic lives we live in urban sprawls like Dhaka. It will last but I see it being consolidated as an MLB type international league played all year 'round with a world championship series every year. It's also a great gateway to real cricket, I.e. test cricket. ODIs have their unique charm also as something in between and I think all 3 will survive.

T20s will be played the most, and we'll see lots of best of 7, home and away series, necessitating large and deep rosters for all international sides. The number of tests and ODIs played each year will be less unless we have that type of roster. T20 will continue become a great way to assess young players, and to positively impact batting and bowling SRs, and fielding. Therefore T20s will continue to positively impact cricket as a whole, no matter the format.
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