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I think It's important how Dhaka's population feel about their city. Cosmetic beautification won't help as long as its population lack 'civic sense'. Dhaka, one of the most populated city in the world, would never function properly if they don't diversify medium/level of transportation. Only overground transport links would not hold the city together in near future. Not advocating for underground for hugh cost attached to it, but mono-rail on series of free standing single columns ( something like Docklands Light Rail) should be introduced sooner than later.

Now Dhaka's new architectecture. There are sporadic good designer's built architecture .i.e. Boshundhara City (designed by vitara- Polash), and most of Uttam Shaha's apartment buildings. But any trained architect (from any part of the world) may fail to relate Dhaka's new architectural development with anything - modernist, neo-classic, post modern or what not. But lack of planning guidelines or lack of interest to implement those, coupled with lack of aesthetical sense of living, may result such hotch-potch architecture such as Roman tapered column holding glazed steel front elevation or steel clad facade. blimey! Though there are some well designed building like Navana tower at Gulshan 2 circle.

Btw, Parliament building at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, designed by L.I. Kahn, is one of the most beautiful building on this green planet. You ask any trained architect and they will tell you.

Footnote: It's been claimed that Kahn didn't get part of his design fee (today's value US$60,000) as I recently found that out from a documentary on Kahn (produced by his son who is also an architect) .

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