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Oracle. Mazharul Islam is cool. I liked his fine arts buildings (design somewhat inspired by Le Corbusier) and also seen masterplan (only drawings) of Chittagong Uni which is nice. Mr. Islam was , if I remember correctly, the chief Architect of combined Pakistan PWD. So it was part of his job responsibility to do initial feasibility study and he soon realised its beyond his capability to design a 'city scale' parliament building. We all appreciate his honesty and commitment for 'built as ruined' architecture.
As for imported marbel and wood, main structural form of the parliament building are platonic solids with concrete forming the outer skin. Marbel used as horizontal bands to scale down the whole monumental building a bit. Only in Interior you can see wood finish. I would say for a project of such scale, the amount of marbel and wood he used is really a trivial matter. He was keen to use local material though as you can see all other buildings around the main parliament building (i.e MP hostel, few other admin buildngs and 'that' hospital) are made of sun burnt brick.

In my last post I only pointed out 'new Architectural development' (I should say contemporary though).That's based on my observation when I last visited BD in 2001. Mazharul Islam and 'that guy' ( met him, but I forgot his name...clue - he's contemporary or little younger than Mazu, designed so many nice residential buildings, his wife is/was a professor of English dept. DU, and he retired when he failed to secure commission of BD embassy in Delhi due to political reasons) were more context driven designers opposed to contemporary designers in Dhaka.
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