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Originally posted by fab
Honestly... calling ur own country men and women dirty...

ok im sure u didn't mean it like that... did u mean the fact that its overcrowded?
LOL you misunderstood me. I mean how the streets, buildings, water features etc in general are unkempt. For example, it would be much better to have no water feature instead of having a one with green algae and various other nasty things floating in it..

By the way, anyone know how Dhaka looked when it was 'cleaned' for Clinton?

i was in dhaka at the time. yes, the air port road and, as a matter of fact, the whole route to wherever he was taken was cleaned and all sorts of traffic were blocked. Clinton saw a completely clean, poverty free, sparsely populated dhaka on his short visit to BD.

then there were these school kids on both sides of the streets with banners and stuff - waving as he passed. that was so lame.
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