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Faceoff, how are you doing man!

Although this is different than what you asked for, but it may give you lot more option for TV (both live/offline) content. Google TV device with latest Android OS (Honeycomb) is great one. It turns your tv instantly into an android based netbook where you can stream anything from internet (with/out right app from marketplace) and/or from your other devices (eg. media server or other laptop/comp that can do samba/ftp etc) in home network. Logitec and Sony make the device, both were expensive (200-250), but recently logitec (they r discontinuing) slahsed prices from 250$ to 99$ only. I picked up one at 99$, and I am glad I did! It's really cool device.

I have seen some "illegal" site that streams live deshi tv, but they buffer a lot.
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