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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
top comments by ATMR and Ian (as usual)...

foul-mouth? not so much, more like an ORDINARY mouth.

who cares about incest...mofo is only slightly less palatable than becho and both are equally incestuous...has that poster never heard rap music? everyone from tupac to immortal technique has referred to themselves as "mofos" its hardly a literal word for incest - in those cases not even being derogatory at all.
Different cultures bro. Calling someone a "mofo" in a rap song is showing them respect whereas if a Bangladeshi or Indian says it they are actually insinuating incestuous relations with a family member. But yeah I saw the replays again to me it seems that Rajib is only shouting...nothing in particular. I think he should reserve the mofos etc. for other players who are more deserving in that team.
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