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Originally posted by roaring tigerz
There will be one final twist to the tale for the jubilant english fans already queing up in front of the trafalgar square. Champions stand up and be counted when it really matters. No question about it...the Oval test will be the biggest test for all the Aussie cricketers. And this aussie lineup, from 1-11 are filled with champions. A lot has been said about the passing of the torch and the end of an era, but some of these aussies wont see it fit to retire their baggy greens by losing to their english counterparts. my prediction an aussie win and 2-2 series
The Trafalgar Square parade was a false alarm. Nothing has been arranged, the use of Tralagar Square has just been offered to be th ECB, it hasn't been accepted as yet.


And about Australia being full of champions. Sorry, but Tait is not yet a champion, nor is Katich and argueably Clarke
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