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Default FAO: Bangladeshi New Yorkers


I was wondering if any Bangladeshi-Americans or New Yorkers of Bangladeshi Descent can help me out?? I am an MA student from the UK who is examining the Bangladeshi community in the United States and United Kingdom. My focus is on varying post-colonial immigration patterns, American, Muslim and Bangladeshi identity, attitudes to shifting religious practices, and political mobilisation in relation to the ‘homeland’.

I will be heading out to NYC later this week and was hoping to arrange short informal interviews with individuals from Bangladeshi Cultural Associations, mosques, student associations, even ordinary community members about their views on the aforementioned topics etc.

Can anyone suggest any contacts or links on individuals or organisations I could contact? I would be immensely grateful for any information or advice.

I would be eternally grateful if you could please take the time to complete an online questionnaire which will help with my MA thesis. It is on ‘Bengali/Bangladeshi views of Religion, Identity, Foreign Policy and Political Violence’:

Thank you in advance!

Ps. I am shocked that this is actually my first post on Bangla Cricket after registering nearly 7 years ago! I am a British Bangladeshi (Londonder) in my mid twenties who started to follow the Bangladesh Cricket team (properly) before the World Cup in 1999. I even created a small basic website on the team around that time (though I have no idea where on the internet it is). I remember being on here on-off from registration, after going to Cardiff to watch Bangladesh beat Australia in June 2005, probably until 2006-7. I guess I must have lurked alot Ironically, the only PM in my inbox are from a Polish student writing an MA thesis about the Bangladeshi community in London lol.

If a mod feels this thread doesn't belong here or not allowed, please let me know.
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