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Originally Posted by Farhad
This launch has a ton of hype behind it in the space enthusiast world because its the first time the Block 5 variant of the Falcon 9 rocket will be used. It will be SpaceX's most powerful rocket yet (the Falcon Heavy doesn't count, because its basically 3 Falcon 9's strapped together), and their final rocket design before moving to the next generation of rocket- the ridiculously exciting BFR.
Very true, Farhad bhaiya!
This is getting big news around the world. I saw it on the headline news this morning on CBS, NBC and ABC.

From Orlando Sentinel in Fla. this morning edition

CBS this morning



Popular Mechanics Magazine Online

Engadget online

From Quartz



Youtube Live...

Launching time today New York City (EST) time 4:10 in the afternoon.
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