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BDFlag The most important day in our test cricket to date!

The way the voices are being raised, seriously, I mean, it'll be as good as if we have lost our test status if we can't manage to atleast draw this even. Everywhere around, our performances have even allowed the minnows to talk abt us as if we are just one of the likes of can or kenya, hell even afghanis think they are better than us, and the reputation will continue to be damaged until we start pulling off wins, its high time...and this is a test we can't afford to loose...the way even zimbos have started bragging, we might find ourselves falling way behind, with zimbabwe ending up more respect....well, we all know its not performance, the other countries know the huge potential we have, and they are just scared the moment we unleash and become a great nation, their 'elitisms' will be challenged...sure people dont want another lanka...but they can do with ireland, and zimbabwe, coz they know cricket isnt their passion, and they wont be as good as a force to be reckoned with if we become one of the great teams....the great 8 do not want another cricket crazy nation like bangladesh to rise above the ranks that challenge their dominace or supremacy....but time and again, we've struggled, strived just to overcome all again, this 5th day test match will decide our immediate fate in international cricket....and can be a day that'll either hinder or further slow down our progress into a snail-like speed, or will be a slap on all the critics, as we emerge truly and start breaking away from the minnows and making our way into the 'big league'...if ever a day that would decide, it would be this 5th day....
May Allah give us the strength in these difficult times.Ameen
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