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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
That happens you know what President Obama's job approval rating is? That translates to almost 200 million people who probably would want him to resign. Doesn't mean the army will take over.
There is a difference between thousands of people filling out forms or answering questions on phone (in the comforts of their home) with polling organizations like Gallup using secret magic formulae to determine how answers from those thousands of poll participants results in statistically significant numbers to determine how the whole country feels about the president....


Millions of people marching on the streets, with threats of violence to ouster the president.

Surely, the difference is obvious?

In recent modern American history, no matter how low the approval rating of the president has been, despite all the corruption and all the ethically and morally questionable actions and all the pre-emptive wars which resulted in millions of deaths. There was never a single incident of the president of the US ever been thrown out of the office by revolting population.


To answer your original question. As to why this happened, or if there is any outside influence to remove Morsi for his religious background.

While I am sure in some countries, like Syria, revolutions can and does happen from outside influence. But I think it mostly happend in Egypt because of the socio-economic state of the country.

You will notice that Egypt-like revolution never happens in countries with a stable political process, relatively stable economy, stable law and order, stable education and health-care system, stable social structure.

Egypt had none of those working for them, if anything things were getting worse, it had a newly elected president who narrowly won, meaning almost half of the people don't agree with him, and one year after the election he did quite a few things to undermine political, judiciary and military system and at the same time did nothing to help improve the economy.
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