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Default >..Criticism made by India towards BD (READ)

This might seem like old news to you guys but i've just heard about it and I’m more than outraged at what was said; this was taken off an article: -

“A day after its heady triumph, Bangladesh mocked at India's 'cash-rich cricketers' and the cricketing authorities for making cricket 'a product, not sport.' Behind Dhaka's mood turning somewhat self-righteous is the fact that India is the only cricketing nation that has never invited Bangladeshi team for a test series 'because according to them 'we are not considered financially viable'.

'India sees cricket as business but Bangladesh knows and plays cricket as a sport. The only country that has not yet invited Bangladesh to play a test series is India, just because Bangladesh is not financially viable as a team. Now, India has to understand that cricket is a game and not a commercial apple”.
Can you believe that, Indians can be a bunch of self-righteous pigs sometimes, whom only consider the sport as a investment or a money making scheme and not something that the nation could look up at and play as a sport to enjoy.

What’s your opinion/verdict on this???

_ Jay Mia

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