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Originally Posted by Rifat
This Pakistan team is not the same Pakistan team Bangladesh defeated 3-0...These guys are a lot fitter, fielding has drastically improved. It's just that India is a far stronger and superior team than Pakistan 9 times out of 10.

Bangladesh has yet to face Shadab Khan, Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman...etc. Also, Shoaib Malik did not play in that series in which Bangladesh defeated them 3-0. Not taking away credit from Bangladesh, but that 3-0, it was basically Pakistan A, they were rebuilding and they included bunch of new faces...

It would be really foolish to think Bangladesh will win against Pakistan without any resistance. I expect Pakistan to come with full force and I welcome this. Good opportunity for Bangladesh to play some sensible cricket. Beating Pakistan is doable, but won't be easy. When Pakistan turns on, they are unstoppable. remember Champions Trophy 2017? World T20 2009? You may say Champions trophy final was "fluke", but remember they had to defeat a red hot England in Semis to get there...
You are talking like those Pakistani fans who are desperate to prove that the last series win by BD doesn't count, it was still the Pakistan national team and the best they had available at the time. They conveniently forget we also knocked them out of the last Asia cup in 2016.

Pakistan team has been minnow bashing for the past one year, otherwise they went to NZ and lost 5-0 , got thrashed by Kohli less India in this tournament twice and barely went past Afghanistan. As for the CT win even West Indies has a Champions Trophy win as well as two World T20 wins. It does not make them the best side in the world . Yes the team is better than before but we have every chance of beating them as well, no team is impossible to beat. And this Pakistan turning up thing is nonsense , they played well and the opposing team didn't. This is not DBZ that Pakistan suddenly turns into Super Saiyan and nobody can stop them. I am sure they go into every match with the intent of winning.
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