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Originally posted by abherath
Originally posted by mahrookh
Originally posted by abherath
The Aussies were obviously fired up by their defeat in the first final. What a mighty win by them today, chasing 267 ! They got it losing just one wicket, as if they had chased just 67 !

Though the massive margin of defeat is hard to take, SL can be happy that they managed to beat the Aussies twice in the last 30 days, that too in their own backyard. It takes a lot to beat Australia, in Australia.

If you want to beat the Aussies, you need to draw them out of Australia. The Sub-continent is a good place to do that.

Anyway, a marvelous performance by the Australians.
Now you agree as I have been telling it to you since yesterday . That would be another shocking defeat as Gillchrist mentioned "Good Luck Srilanka for the future series in Bangladesh" . Did Srilanka come back in this game ? Beating one or two games is not gonna help anymore unless you win in the finals and become the winner . Please don't compare any other teams with Australia . Ofcourse they won't win every single game but they will win the most as they are the world champs . You are talking about the supporters as they are very confiedent on their teams to win and when they don't then they get surprised and beahve badly but it's still acceptable , it's always been happenning in the sub - contienent .

Anyway was a good show for the Aussies to take that series into the 3rd final in last 8 years Good Luck in Bangladesh .

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Australia beating Sri Lanka is not news but the reverse is. As, undoubtedly, the Aussies are the greatest team on earth at the moment. So Sri Lanka beating them twice, in Australia itself, within 30 days cannot be ignored.

There can be only one winner but you cannot run down the losers.

You cannot justify rowdy behaviour -including yours here- by any logic.

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Anyway it's the history now but you guys should have trusted me yesterday when i was cheering for the Aussies and I have always been saying that would be another shocking defeat as we had it already winning by 9 wickets . I have been watching cricket since last 15 years now . So , i guess I do have some ideas about that game

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