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That's an issue but none of the team behaving good these days anyway . Didn't you see "Dilshan" hitting "Katich" today infront of Ponting and he was trying to get run out by hitting him with the ball . A good captain can't be quiet on this just watching it . Ofcourse we are not prepared when Aussies loosing to the others and that's why sometimes we behave badly caz we are depressed . Behaving is not important caz Australia and New Zealand are the most "Racist" country in the world . So , you must be clear now about the behaving issue . Win or loose , it's counted in a game , who cares about their behave anyway ?

You forgot the Semi Final between India vs Srilanka in the world cup at India about the behaving of the people there . It happens everywhere mostly in the sub - contienent too .
Thanks for your reply.

Bad behaviour is bad, irrespective of who does it.

Cricket is a game for humans, not animals. That is why behaviour is important.

Anyway, this thread is going too far and we are taking up space that is to be used by Bangladeshi fans to discuss their cricket. So this is my last response on this. Thanks for all your responses too. Enjoy your cricket.

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