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Originally posted by abherath
Originally posted by mahrookh
Bottom line is about the bad behaviour you mention as I got the perfect answer for you ;

Australia and New Zealand are the most "Racist" country in the world .

I don't think you have any confusion about that bad behaviour anymore and please don't talk about it anymore as we are all cleared about it and you can't expect better than this from a "Racist" country as usual .
OK mate, that does it.

Enjoy your cricket. Are you a Bangladeshi living in Australia ?
No I am from New Zealand but now I am in Australia . Let me tell you true story about the racism of these countries . In few year back there's a black guy from Sudan been killed in new Zealand in the Beaches of Christchurch by so many people . The reson was as they didn't see any black people there before . It was probably at 1991 . So , now we all clear these countries are most racist in the world . Can't expect better than this .
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