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ICC is making continuous and tireless efforts to globalise and popularize the cricket and I believe they succeeded in their mission upto certain limit. So far, the ICC trophy, Inter Continental three day tournament, Continental one day tournament are success. There is steady progress every there and the performances of following teams to be noticed and they are in the verge of recognition:

One day status:

Ireland and Scotland are the strong contender and they should be rewarded very soon.

The following teams are to be considered for getting the One day status in next one or two years:

(1) Namibia (2) U A E (3) U S A (4) Canada and (5) Nepal

Test Status:

Kenya is the strong contender and they have real talent to play the test as they proved recently.

The following teams are to be considered for getting the test status in next 2 / 3 years:

(1) Scotland (2) Ireland

Scotland and Ireland are playing lot of cricket in English county cricket and they are improving day by day in all version of cricket. Others should get more opportunity to gain more experience and explore their possibilities. The main hurdle for the development of the game in these countries is money. But, if they allowed to play more in international arena, they will be able to attract the sponsors and other sources to raise the money.

Secondly, if a second string countries are there to play each other, it is more easy to arrange matches among them and to explore the chances of gaining more experiences. So, the things would not be in that way like BD suffered in international cricket as BD forced to take much stronger opponents and failed miserably. Let these countries play each other more and occasionally to meet the top teams. Let these countries to play 6/8 tests in between them and play 2/4 against the top giants in an year. Similarly, 15/20 one days between them and 4/6 against top giants.

Now the situation is like that even reaching in the semi final of the world cup, Kenya didn’t get any opportunity to play the international crciket since then, except the sharjah tournament (that is also a stop gap arrangement). So can anybody imagine, in the absence of international exposure, how the teams can perform well? At the same time, Bangladesh is suffering as the difference in standard of other nations are high and it seems every humiliating defeat killing their players confidence.

I strongly believe necessity of emergence of second string nations like Kenya, Ireland, Scotland, Namibia, UAE, USA, Canada, Nepal alongwith BD in the international cricket. It also reduce the series of humiliating defeats to the beginners in the international cricket, otherwise the beginners supposed to play with big guns at all time. Series of losses causes loosing the confidence of the players, which would automatically affect their overall performance and the standard of the play. It will also cause huge alarm from all around the world like two tier system, three tier system, standard of cricket, etc, etc….If the new nations not loose their matches continuously in the very beginning of their entry in to big group, I feel , they will produce much balanced cricket and steadily improve their performance as their players can always have the feeling in their mind that they can win the matches. Otherwise all new nations will suffer as in the case of BD. Moreover, more matches in the international cricket attract more fund from the match revenue, broadcast and also from sponsors in time, so they don’t have to worry about the funds for their developmental program

So I think it is very much necessary to allow the entry of nations to test arena and one day arena immediately to save the cricket. What do you people think?