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Originally posted by chinaman
What are you up to vv_sunil? Don't you know we are against any n-tier or second string system?

Take your absurd suggestions elsewhere. And we are not sheding any tears for Kenya, Scotland, Ireland, Canada or any other country for that matter.

Don't play wise guy here.
I request you to please read my views carefully without any pre judged mind. I didn’t recommend any tier system or second string systems. All I want a string of new teams to arrive in international cricket and they play each other as well as play with big guns also. I think u agree with my points of big guns and I believe there are 7/8 teams definitely at this time are much better than any other teams in terms of quality of their play.

Im not shedding tears for any nations, but I want to globalise and popluarise cricket . it is going to be very beneficial to Bangladesh also. Bangladesh should get more opportunity, they will start to register wins continuously, which will help their players capable of winning against big Just imagine, what would be the scenario then? I know Bangladesh is already a cricket crazy nation and some positive results boosts their spirit and ofcourse, the team will get motivations to perform better and better. I always see that. Otherwise, defeats after defeats put their morale down and ultimately lot of people do turn away from cricket. Remember, India generated such kind of big enthusiam after winning the world cup and it was a real revolution. Now the cricket is playing every corner of the India n u can see 3 / 4 years children playing cricket in even small villages. The positive result and the winning habits of India caused to develop cricket in deep root level. I do believe, positive results will always give good and healthy outcome, so one should always look for the positive sides always.

just see, how the bd fans thrilled over their win against hong kong, even the double hundred from nafees against a small team make good reasons.!! So I still belive if bd would register 7/8 wins continuously, (don’t mind even if it is against small teams, but it should be one days/tests) that will grow the confidence of their players which would surely enable them to topple the tops!!

For clarification, I neither intend to make the voice for n-tier system/second string nor involve the status of BD in any of these categories. See , I already mentioned there that these teams should play with big guns also, but it should be pro-rated to minimize the losses and thus to avoid loosing the confidence of their players