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Originally Posted by MHRAM
White tigers in the SC are a rarity. I have been told that their skin does not suit these parts of the world. Hence over time they moved to the northern parts

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not in the SC only, White tigers are a rarity in the wild, very few have been documented, and they are not a new species or a sub species just a genetic mutation of bengal tigers. they did not move to the northern parts as you heard.

These tigers are extremely popular among people and are bread in the captivity. Sometimes inbreeding occurs, thats why many white tigers in the world has mutation and generic disabilities..did you know the same mutation in the gene which makes the tigers white also makes their eyes blue!

there is another color version of tigers it called the golden Tammy tiger, it has white legs, golden fur(not orange like bengals) and brown stripes..and it is also a mutation of bengal tigers!..our tigers are special!

there are other color myths like the Maltese and Black tiger but none have been caught alive or ever been documented..though a Black Bengal tiger was shot dead in Chittagong in 1846 and was documented but the authenticity of the story is doubtable, here is from wikipedia as i read

In March 1846, the naturalist C.T. Buckland reported a black tiger in the Chittagong Hills (now in Bangladesh) where it was raiding cattle. It was shot with a poisoned arrow and its body was later discovered but it was too decomposed to skin. Buckland's account for The Field, which was printed in the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society (JBNHS) during 1889, documented the case of a black tiger killed at Chittagong. The report is even more dubious because over 40 years had elapsed between the actual event and the report; all of the party members that could have corroborated his story had died.
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