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Although Jacques "KOlshe" Kallis has been by far the most important contributor according to DOuble " G unit" Gambhir, he still fails to steal the limelight from the owner. We now take a brief interlude from our analysis of Kallis' contribution to concentrate on KKR's OWNER. We may also need to visit the "King Henry" part of kallis given the time

OCCUPATION: Attempts to act and dance but like other members of his bollywood species only succeeds in spreading slime, ooze and other nasty smearing substances over people, food and most improtantly over cricket and Shakib al hasan.

Shamukh Khan also like his fellow species of team owners, is an invertebrate and does not have a spine. Which may explain his decisions and actions taken at the IPL. The worst of which was perhaps to become owner of KKR.

Age: He has outlived most other "shamukhs"
Height: Depends on the heels he wears
SUCCESS: Nothing to write home about. Was Head Warden of Shahrukh-shank prison from which Shakib continues to escape (cf mar umpires original story on KKR and shakib's experience from months back). Invented the "SHahrukh-Shank" as a form of severe "shanking punishment".

Profile Photo:

SHahmukh Khan in his younger days. However after purchasing the KKR and initiating some of the most anti-Bangladeshi cricketer policies via choice of staff etc, his true colours can be seen below-he is truly King Shamukh

The only way we know that this is indeed the real Shamukh Khan is via its high affinity for any camera even when not on air. He can be seen repeatedly kissing and waving into the camera and further spreading his slime.

Although Shamukh's species are believed to be that of snail, according to experts on the BC forum he has been referred to a range of terms including maggot. We will have to further dig into this thing's genalogy to determine if he's man or Shamukh or indeed maggot.

Recently Shamukh has joined a community drive to make Suicide stylish by making suicidal dcisions himself such as making Bookha Naan Coach, followed by mac-Kolom as captain, then Trevor "The Pillow" Balish and GG and Kolshe as the three in charge of KKR. His most suicidal decision howevr has been to not offer any support to the cause of SAH.

"Now all of you line up alphabetically according to height"-anonymous Rugby Union coach
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