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Many theories exist as to how the thing on ganguly's scalp came to be including
A)It may have ben transplanted from another part of his body as this shows is a possibility

Sourav has rapidly become the target of PETA after launching his "instant hair transplant" prouct which consists of taping dead cremated animals to the scalp-his grin says it all

On the Mongrel, the Mighty Mongrel
The Mongoose sleeps tonight
awyeeeee(insert Lion King music here)

The poor mongoose that was cremated to make his "3 second" hair thckening can be seen
Ganguly shows no compassion as he screams in happiness at finally cremating a mongoose and plastering it to his head-Sachin eat your heart out

His cricket career effectively over, what does the future hold?
He is after all the prince, "hair" to the throne of Kolkata
perhaps a hair stylist?
Or perhaps he will follow the steps of Mallya jr
"Now all of you line up alphabetically according to height"-anonymous Rugby Union coach
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