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Good, sane thread and thank you for it, even if it gets invaded by teenie-bopper emotional baggage by the time it's done.

I agree with pretty much all of your assessments except when it comes to MaMu and GoBoy.

GoBoy is too young, under too much stress on account of his personal life, and just too damned SHORT to deal with the pace and bounce of short-pitched bowling at the International level. Then there's his almost compulsive backlift issue making matters infinitely worse. Batting him at number 3 at this point is a totally nonsensical idea in my opinion.

And PLEASE no silly comparisons to Tendulkar with regards to the height factor or Lara's high backlift ! ...

He is a little puppy who's down and there's no need to kick him until we manage to ruin his career by continuing to place the weight of our wishful thinking on his tiny little shoulders. He's a cute little boy who just couldn't take the pressure. It's time for him to continue to learn the game in the NCL, Academy and perhaps the A-team level and perform there. He has been a total failure in the NCL, and with the exception of just two good scores, pathetic with the bat and also more than dodgy the gloves at the International level. Let's us not continue to confuse "genuine potential" with the cold, hard facts of 'application' in the middle. He has a lot of time to bounce back and Inshallah he will in the years ahead. This is a time for him to rest and start to repair his severly damaged cricketing center OUTSIDE the highest level.

MaMu will bounce back Inshallah. But before he does, strip him of his Vice Captaincy and let him go back to Naurhail, swim in the river, and climb a few coconut palms to get his cojones back. Let him fight for his place in the team and win that fight. When he does, we'll get our beloved tiger-hearted Mash out of this bhurhiwala MaMu putuputu bowling with heavy feet, and running away from the line of delivery when forced to bat !
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