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6 positives and 6 Negatives...


1. Aftab's batting and how he is nicely adjusting to become a test batsman....nice development.

2. SN's comming back to form

3. Razzak and Shahadat's development as a lower end batsman

4. Shahadat's bowling specially with the old ball also - He is our #1 bowler without doubt.

5. Sakib's development as a TEST bowler. We need to give hime time before he start getting wicket.

6. Rafiq proved that he is still good enough to be in the TEST team as a bowler.


1. Over all failure by our openers. Except for one innings by Junaid, p[rety much they failed and exposed our fragile middle order most of the time. Tamim was a total failure.

2. Aftab's injury. I was so happy with him, how he was trying his best to adjust based on team's need. We know about the extent of his physical injury, but don't know how much mental injury it occured. That is the thing it worried me much.

3. Middle order's Complete Failure which includes Ash, Sakib and Bashar (1st TEST).

4. Bowling Failure by Mashrafee (over all), Razzak (2nd TEST). Sakib (more or less), and Rafiq ( 1st TEST, 2nd Innings)

5. Looks like Rahim is drowning.... no development whatsoever either as a wicket keeper or as a batsman. Each series he is taking a few steps backward.

6. Captaincy. Looks like he have taken few steps backward.

And few more few interesting development (just for fun).....

1. Interms of average, Razzak (mainly a bowler) was our Best batrsman followed by Aftab (known as not suitable for TEST) , Shahadat ( 38 with just one out in four innings) and SN (was off-form for a while).

2. Tamim (6.25) beat Bashar ( 6.5) in close contest as the lowest average among Genuine Batsman, Batting Allrounder and Wicket Keepers. Rahim was 3rd with an average of 7.0. So our favorite punch bag (now a days) bashar couldn't get the title breaking some fan's heart.

3. Ashraful coun't cross his career average (24.6) in this series as he scored 15.50 (Average) in this series.

4. Looks like Rafiq and Mashrafee's batting skills are gone to drain for good.

5. We may found a good pair of lower end batsman in Razzak and Shahadat.
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