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Default Super8 standing does not provide the true picture

With the early exit of India nad Pakistan, almost every team in the Super8 seems to be happy with their final standing.

Among the semi-finalists, I think, only Australia might feel failing to achieve their goal, if they dont proceed further.

England stands at #5, which ultimately looks like an excellent place for them. Even though they won a series against Australia, their world cup campain was miserable. They won only against Ireland, Bangladesh and the 'always slipping' WI. In the losing cases, the Sri Lanka game is the only one, where they put up some fight. Still they are #5!

West Indies:
WI won only one match in the Super8, that was more of a gift from the Bangladeshi captain and batsmen than their own performance. They are one of the crap teams, having full of talents and power, that give away advatages at a regular basis. And yet, a 8 ranked team might call the final position 6 as a great improvement, while it was actually not.

Ireland, at 8 is certainly happy and actually they kept always trying and with their consistency, they deserve to be ranked better than Bangladesh and of course WI. But the credit for their reaching the Super8 is not all their own. They won against the hapless Pakistanis; but people always forget that Zimbabwe gifted them 1 very much valuable point. Zimbabwe were motoring along towards an easy win and then their batsmen all, except Matsikenyeri, did a Tamim and forced themselves towards the position of defeat. While I was watching the match, I was surprised how the international players can be such stupids. (Though Bangladeshi batsmen gifted me more in the following days.)

We all are extremely happy for our final standing. Before the world cup, even getting at the Super8 would have been considered as a pleasing surprise. But again, this does not tell the true story of our performance. The india match was excellent (the batting was not tested much though). But against Sri Lanka, we let us completely down. We got ourself completely out of the Super8 calculation, if NRR were the deciding factor. Thanks to Sri Lanka for beating India and still it was not over. We made Bermuda match too much difficult and thanks to Ashraful, and in more extent, to the inexperience of Bermuda. In the super8, batting in the SA match was luck. Ashful with those risky shots could be out any time. And his innings was finally proved to be the difference. Apart from this, we and our bowlers were always let down by our captain and the horrible batsmen. Bowlers were consistently performing; but fielding (again captain effect) was sloppy at important times. A 7th position looks so impressive; but we must seriously work on our problems. Let the standing not eclipse the mistakes and those were too many.

Pak-India effect:
If either Pak or India or both were in the Super8, though we may not like it, teams in the Semis and #5 and #6 would not get an easy ride. (though, we and Ireland deserved to qualify and they deserved to leave, with their 1st round performance). The final standing would look a bit different and the true performance of teams like WI and England might have attracted more focus.

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