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Originally Posted by Ahmed_B
Well..the question is not about 'best bowlers' anymore. its more about our 'bowling strategy' lately. I have been uncomfortable about the 'spinner-based' bowling attack for long now...but lately i'm really getting highly annoyed about this ploy.

We are actually shattering the confidence of our pacers by making them 'side-liners' by default. We've always had ordinary sort of pacers. But never before the last few years..we have put them on secondary roles so very much. As if they are there just to occupy the team. When we put them in that sort of role already...its natural that they wont get their usual deserved spells. They wont be given tough jobs like getting early breakthroughs or containing the opposition in death-overs. This has been happening for 2-3 years now...and already our pacers have lost all moral strength and self-belief that they can actually do those jobs.

This seriously damaging our team-balance and this will hurt the team for years to come. Time to wake up and smell the coffee immediately..or our bowling is on its way to become a serious laughing stock in front of the world pretty soon.
+1 great post
but i would also add to that the fact our fast bowlers arent so competent even if they are given leading roles. We need some new faces. Rubel can be deadly if he can bowl those reverse swings but he gives away way too many runs due to his lack of control in bowling, i think shafiul is turning to be a good on the money bowler, rasel just doesnt click at some time (he aint a fast bowler anyhow). i want to see someone like mashrafe back in form or a second of his caliber like he was before the injuries.
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