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Default A reminder about our forum rules

Many of you apparently have forgotten. We have them in place for a reason.

Our goal is to foster intelligent, illuminating and entertaining conversations. To help us meet these goals do follow the simple forum guidelines detailed here.

Please do enjoy the discussions here, but do remember that what is posted here has only as much credibility as the (generally) anonymous person posting it. Don’t take things too seriously and try to have a good time.

Read the rules again.

However ...

A Special Note on Derogatory Terms

It is sad and shameful that we actually have to highlight this one common form of oft-repeated forum violation when extremely derogatory words are used to describe people of other nationalities and religious persuasions. Ignorance is no excuse, but we see so many people engage in this that we have to explicitly publish this note and state in no unequivocal terms that these words and their variants are absolutely prohibited and can get you immediately and permanently banned with no prior or additional warning.
  • "paki" - This word is used as a derogatory term directed towards South Asians (and sometimes Middle Eastern people) in the UK and is offensive.
  • "malu/mallu" and variants: This word is used as a derogatory term directed towards Indians, particularly Hindus, in Bangladesh and is considered extremely offensive.
Do note that this list outlines just two common examples of many and is by no means comprehensive or intended to cover all abusive terms that could lead to a permanent ban. Members are expected to exercise caution and refrain from posting language that could be perceived as abusive and/or derogatory and moderators reserve the right to act accordingly in the event of a violation.
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