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There r lot of new followers of bd team from 2007 wc era or post shakib era. I think their knowledge of bd cricket and its struggle isnt that vast.

If you follow cricket from our icc days when we use to lose to holland, kenya, scotland then you would truly appreciate the current joyous situation of bd cricket.

How many of new supporters know maurice odumbe or steve tikolo?

I mean i dont wanna sound like a old hag. I been following bd cricket since i was 12.

Thats y when ppl say drop tamim or drop soumya, they r the worst. Man do you have any idea how our old openers were? I mean no offense to yesteryear heroes.

But in a broader context, i m happy that i can give this lecture because bd cricket survived against all obstacles. Its because of fans like u nd me. New and old. Pass on the batton
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