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Originally Posted by Ace of BD
And that's their hypocrisy, which is gonna cause their eventual downfall, slide has already started...If Bangladeshis rightly just talk of beating india (which they were supposed to aginst ind in quarters, but thanks to their 12 and 13th players along with 14th player off-field), they would term as arrogant, whereas they don't realise they're the laughing stock
their legendary players couldn't help draw the game at sydney in 2008 that they could make comments against spirit of the game. whereas when we just talk about bad umpiring, we are "too loud"...anyways, they might've just seen the last of their "happy" days because of their increasing self-mockery like this "mauka"ery ads.
have u seen the way we were behaving in social media?..yes we were too loud..constructive criticismis ok, but we started accusing, whining and in the end abusing
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