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Originally Posted by Ace of BD
which they were supposed to aginst ind in quarters, but thanks to their 12 and 13th players along with 14th player off-field), .
You whine too much man!! And all this whining just makes you look insecure. If a fan really believed that his team was a top team then he would not be stuck like a loop on a single match. Before the match it was "2007 world cup, 2012 asia cup" now its bcz of umpires . :P . It seems that you yourself think that BD will get only these one off opportunities once in a blue moon to win and then you cant accept when they have lost.

Same with India though, They sometimes complain about poor umpiring while they dont use DRS.

And about the ads, from what i hear STAR had prepared 2 ads for everymatch depending on whether India wins or loses. Since India won all group matches, we never did see the other ads which would have aired had india lost.

Ads are prepared beforehand. Thats advertising 101. You seriously dont believe that they wait for a team to become champion and then call all the actors on an instant notice and make the ads??