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England’s world cup to lose. It will be great for the game of cricket in the country, generation will be inspired and motivated to start and take up cricket. Cricket needs a major lift in England, UK as a whole. A world cup has so much media attendion, being the world cup is a big hype. Everyone knows what’s a world cup. Cricket being a huge sport in terms of the numbers of watches. Media will be huge, especially from subcontinent. England winning it will be great. Then the English premier league will get bigger boost.

After the ashes 2005 cricket went to sky and many generations probably haven’t watched cricket, 05-15. Not everyone has skysports which costs a lot plus when it was on Channel 4 it just had bigger impact on kids. Personally, I grew up watching England playing test cricket against big teams like Aus, Sa, many ashes series, and it was free to air. Hence maybe why I might know the game well. Since young saw the pure form of the game live on tv for free, it was the norm back then. But sadly ecb got greedy and handed it to sky and cricket took a hit for over a decade, the interest died out many ways. What looked like was going to take cricket further after ashes win in 2005 but didn’t, young kids didn’t take up cricket in the big numbers as expected. Despite all that England still in a healthy position, overal as far as cricket is concerned but the wider greater interests will be drawn if England win the world cup.

C’mon England!
Jeetbe Ebar Jitbe England!

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