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I think that the players selection committee should be slapped around a bit! With a good young team Bangladesh need to be developing for the future by giving opportunities, not taking them away, playing khaled mahmud is a stupid decision (if he plays), he's 34, has never proved it with bat or ball, a medium pacer with a bowling SR of 50+ and bowling avg of 40+ playing for any national team is taking the piss! Im seriously disappointed with his inclusion. First we need decent team selection before any hope of winning, expecting players of KMahmud's quality to do the business when they never have done before, at Sri Lanka of all places!!!!!!!Oh my god This sounds too stupid to be true, i still cant believe he's even being considered!!!

Look dont get me wrong im desperately wanting Bangladesh to win but what message are we sending out to the whole world by even considering khaled mahmud for the beginning match of our ODI series in Sri Lanka.
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