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Those free agents left, not because of Sid, but, we just couldn't fit everybody under the cap. Once again, you show your lack of knowledge on how the new NHL works. Don't blame you. You have probably jumped on hockey bandwagon this year. Malone was a loss. But, they offered ( TB ) too much money, and we have 12 free agents in one year, a very unusual happening. We have replaced Ruttu with Cooke. Hossa's service of one month ( assume you know he came on the trade deadline ) is gone. Satan ( nice name ) and Fedotenko are on board from day 1 coming season. Plus, we have a lot of good players coming up from WBS/baby Pens. Jeffries and Caputi will soon join the senior Pens. Jordan Staal will be signed up next year to a long term. He will move up to the second line playing left wing. You don't know anything about Pens or about hockey for that matter. You probably saw a octupus on the rink, and jumped, " oh cool , I am rooting for that team " . Anybody and everybody can 'copy-paste' articles. Its not that hard.

Our priority was to lock up the young core for long term. We have done that. They all have signed long term deal to stay and they did that for less than market value. Look up and you will see. Sid-Malkin- Fleury, Whitney-Orpik : all signed. Defensively we are solid and signed. With a surplus of defenders, I won't be surprised if we trade one sometime this year to get the coveted left winger. Gaborik is a hot rumor.

Gary Roberts, Adam Hall, Conklin- easily replaced.

Deadwings will face similar adversity from next year. You probably won't be around then. You will jump off the wagon and start rooting for someone else.
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