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"We won 26 out of 48 matches played in the last two years of Whatmore, that's not inconsistent, fairly consistent performance. It didn't take four years to convert us from loosers to winners, it took just over a year." and most of the matches were against who in the last two years? few wins here and there in two years against the top 8 wont take us anywhere. and we are well past the winning days against zim and kenya.

I do agree our bowling department is failing quite a lot, it used to be our main strength. and thats only because we had m. rafique, rasel and the good ol' mortaza back then. now what do we have, a whole new bunch, rasel will be back after injury, no rafique and mortaza has a potential beer belly, infact he does.

Siddons is a mainly a batting oriented coach, and he is doing his job in his department and also as a head coach. is it his fault he's not getting proper support. whos that fast bowling coach bcb hired again? where the hell is he?

but look on the bright side, if u see any, our batting has improved so much. we no longer have to rely on ashraful all the time. at this level he is having the players to teach basic techniques..come on, what other head coach of the national team of a cricket nation has to do that?
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