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-One of the first things the new board should do is to cut down the teams from 6 to 4. Merge Sylhet and Chittagong together and do the same with Khulna and Barisal. Sylhet and Barisal are NOT good enough to field a decent XI of their own. This will ensure the cream of the crop play the top domestic tournament in the country. This will also reduce the expenditure and make it possible to spend more money on facilities.

-Now if they do the above the main concern would be the no. of matches being played. My solution is that NCL should ditch the One-Day matches and just focus on 4-day matches (Premier league should be for OD and T20 matches). And I also propose that two seasons are played a year so at the end each division is playing 12 FC matches a year.

-Each team should have a first squad, an A squad, B squad and an U-19 squad. This will ensure more people can play proffesional cricket and slim down the chances of missing a talent. The first team and the A team should get the use of the best pitch and the best facilities while the lower teams get alternatives.

-BCB should slowly decentralise the tournament so that each dvision have their own board and can make their decisions. They should do the talent scouting and organise district tournaments in their divisions.

-Have four different types of pitches: 2 batting pitches, a pacing pitch and a spinning pitch.

-BCB should make it more of a performance based payment method. Players should still have seasonal contracts but the real money should be earnt by performance. ie healthily rewarded for taking wickets, catches and scoring 50s and 100s

-In each game have a foreign umpire standing with a local umpire.

-Make knowledgeable personalities like Bulbul, Nannu, Pilot, Gani, Dipu, Shujon coaches of the teams instead of any Tom, Dick and Harry.

-Unban the ICL players.

To finance all this I suggest BCB promotes this tournament through the media by getting top players in adverts. They should also open a charity so that people can donate for the improvement of domestic cricket. I know thousands of people who would be more than happy to help their team. Try and get sponsors. Try and sell the TV rights. I don't there they can go and beg but we have to something about this dire situation.

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