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Originally Posted by DinRaat.
Mods need to close this thread, it is a ticking time bomb, some idiot will bring religion into this, guaranteed.
Originally Posted by Jadukor
That has already happened.
In BC no one will taunt anyone in the base of faith because here is strict rules against it unlike bigger social media platforms like FB, Twitter.

Not just that even if you are the one who is actually concerned about those daily abuses of radical comments and write a post you would be cautioned and be called 'garbage' because you can't even write a post relevant to that because the thought will be deemed bigoted even if that's the truth. Simple, you can't come out of this fake forum bubble's PC world. As you are completely deprived of the reality around it. Be it like that. Most Bangladeshis are moderately secular , thanks I have memorized it.

Now mods can lock this thread.
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