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Originally Posted by RBTiger
I guess I should not waste my time responding to you. Do you know how much the TV rights for BD cricket sold for - $56 millions (forgot the exact no., but I think it is the right amount). Do you think it is the fairweather fans like you who is bringing the revenue or is it the performance of the team or where people with money believe the team is headed in the future? Do you think the coach has something to do with that? What a surprise, he does have something to do with it...... And I don't know if the $120,000/yr amount is correct, I doubt it, but I wouldn't mind if it is. If you want to be competitive, you have to be willing to pay the market price.

What would be a right salary for our coach in your mind? 25,000 TK per month?
Why are you twisting my point here, bro? I said, he didn't do his job voluntarily, we paid him enuff more than the standard of our country to do his job. So, there is no point to do 'godogodo' to him like you are doing right now. We have already said enuff thank you to him and he is leaving the country at his own will..not like we fired him or did anything bad to him..

And you called me a 'fairweather fan'??!! You can say it bro, I never mind. Cause, BD cricket is in my heart 'n soul. In the late 80's/early 90's, when I was a kid, BD used to play Asia cup...all the matches were one-sided...BD lost by huge margin..but I was watching all was just the scorecard on the screen that drew all my attention, where 'BAN' as Bangladesh was I thought my country was known now to the world...we have come a long way since then..I grew as the cricket in BD also grew up...1997, 1999..those were the years never been forgotten...I never supported any other team except BD nor I had any favorite player in other teams. I am such a dumb supporter that even in the 9th wicket stand, I do expect a win from BD by chasing 200 runs. Last year, I went to a conference with my groupmate, a white american. We shared the same room. In the middle of the night, I woke up to follow BD-Aus morning he was burst into me: what the heck you were doing whole night? I smiled with a dumb look on my face. In BD, I used to have fight with my brother during BD mathes, as we had one TV and he didn't want to see the one-sided bd matches. My family still don't have any clue why I have been following these fruitless matches day by day. Neither do I. You are wrong my friend. I am a 'Badweather' fan. I carried the BD flag, when people felt shame to hoist on, I had beaten the fans in BD who supported PAK when BD-PAK played (yeah, I still feel I did the right thing cause that was an insult to my country), I argued with shameless girls who dont understand cricket but their favorite players are good-looking PAK cricketers..I have been with Bangladesh no matter it is a huge defeat or marginal win

I know BD will win someday continuously in tests and ODIs and I know forums like BC will be flooded by many BD fans. I have decided to pick another favorite team by then and stop supporting BD. Or may be to follow another sport other than cricket (this one would be easier than stop supporting BD). I can see that day there will be many fans of BD cricket in BD and around the world (and in my family too), who will give me knowledge about BD cricket "BD is playing good cricket, are you not following!" I'll put the dumb look on my face again and will smile, "Are they??"

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