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Default Players vs Coaches vs Board

Does anyone else get the feeling that something isn't quite right between the coaching staff, players and board?

If Law wants such a player, does he get him from the selectors?
If the players don't like something the coach wants, do they go to the board and complain?
If the board backs the coaches, do they then say the same things to the players?
If the new captain wants to keep the team happy, does he just go along with what they want?

I ask this because if all of us as fans and supporters can easily see what is wrong, why don't we hear either the coaches, players or board say this? It appears from the outside that there isn't even agreement over what is wrong or maybe even denial about what is wrong.

Assuming not everyone involved is an idiot (geniunely) something is clearly happening.

My worry is therefore that nothing will get done as the coaches, players and board cannot seem to all get on the same page. Anyone else think this sounds right?
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