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soumya, sabbir and Liton are all very talented. Those 3 all have the necessary talent to be consistent successful international players, and by that I just mean players averaging mid 30s nothing overly special, just an average international player. They should be averaging high 30s and into the 40s imo but I’m saying mid 30s even low 30s to be conservative.

Fizz, taskin have talent as well.

It’s a combination of a lot of things, BCB not doing their job but neither are the players, between those two it looks like coaching staff don’t do their job but it’s really hard to tell what strings are being pulled on coaches and what limitations and politics are impacting the coaches as well.

Of course infrastructure plays its role as well which is obviously the responsibility of BCB.

I do agree the selectors often don’t persist long enough, but players also don’t show enough. Not having a lot of matches also doesn’t help because one day a player will be debuting and in 5 years they’ll have still played not many matches which is a combination of being binned every now and then and a lack of matches for the team.

It’s just a mess. Everyone needs to take responsibility for themselves as a professional but they all still need to move forward together as a unit to improve BD cricket. It’s not just the players or just the BCB or just the coaches or just the selectors or just the infrastructure.

One thing I do believe though is if a player is earmarked as a talent at a young age and they progress well through age group cricket then progress well through domestic cricket then at that point they need extended backing in the A team and national team. Shanto and Yasir for example, they are both struggling to make the jump to A team and the national team but they are 2 of the most consistent and talented batsmen.

The difficult thing is being able to assess when a player has been given enough goes that it’s time to move on from them, which is made even more difficult due to points I’ve made earlier in this post. By now you’d think it’s time to get rid of Liton, but is it? He’s shown glimpses in the national team but very spaced out glimpses, but when he goes back to domestic cricket he still dominates.

One system I’d like to see set in place, aside from just more cricket is national team and A team having parallel tours. This way the back up players are also getting more game time, more time around better coaches and a higher quality of talent (opposition and in their own team), and experience in a wider variety of conditions. On top of this i’d like to see the A team get extra tours that the national team doesn’t against top associates or A teams or even full teams of lower ranked test teams or even against quality domestic team so like against SA teams or county teams or Aussie state teams or against top Indian domestic teams.

There are a lot of talented players, I’m not saying burnout all of the up coming prospects but pick the right players for the right formats which means the pool will be quite large so players will get rest which allows more tours year round without burnout.
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