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Default Chasing the dragon...

Ceci ne past ust ites unix article. As Magritte proudly proclaimed. As Moshiur Simon would vouch.

But ever since Bangladesh started cricket - and I do ye hark back to the times of Anamul, Nannu and Raqibul in tandem with Ashraful - WE SUCKED. Yeah we sucked big time. But then times gladly came along and we started defeating one team or two down the process down the line pipline hitting a bump or two-a-key with Joe the Plumber.

I have no idea what I am sayin'.

Point being. At Mirpur somehow we became indestructible and we became dopamine-insulate and grew tolerance increasingly at cellular proportion. Now nothing can give us that high back. Not even Tamim's blitzkrieg 1 gazillion 60 out of mere platry 13 balls as he did last year.

We reached the pinnacle when we beat Australia at Test at home. Thanks to a Miraz courtesy we came back defeating England. We took Shane Watson's revenge of his onslaught where as Shamim would quote "they turned stadium naked with Watson's 186".

We stopped growing. I don't per se think that it is our thrashings at New Zealand or by Afghanistan that did the damage. But rather the popularity, the plummet of shares, the going down of Alexa in Banglacricket ranking and the overall forum popularity has to do more with the fact we are immune to everything.

This is actually good. Slot machine effect is still in play. Now Bangladesh would need to do something truly miraculous for members to come back. And we are also at dry season of 0 international games.

The chips are stacking and the pot is growing bigger. So overall while it may be doom and gloom cloudy December, as the New Year rolls in - I am as eager as Janus The Two Faced to look forward to something really frightening.

Discipline is we are at mercy of the dealer - who whereby being our team of yours truly themselves. We are at the mercy of any new, flashing destructive dazzlry they might begat which will raise the hype.

Hey if Kumail Nanjiani can get ripped, who is it say we can't?
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