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Mashud decided to open with Monju and Sanwar today. I thought that was a strange decision. Of course Sanwar had to complete the over from yesterday but I was surprised that Pilot kept him on. The ball was only 17 overs old at the start of play. Why bowl a spinner with a relatively new ball, only means he will have to bowl a seamer with an older ball. Sort of strange. I suppose he thought Sanwar was the most likely person to take a wicket, which would justify bowling him, but doesnt justify keeping him on for 7 overs when he gave away 43 runs. Monju at the other end has bowled 6 overs, five of them maidens, but its all a waste because Sanwar has let off the pressure by giving away sixes.

If there is one major criticism I have of Pilot, it is that he is very slow to change bowlers. He keeps them on even when they struggle. I mean, one or two bad overs is fine but why GOD why would you bowl someone for 7 overs and have them give away 43 runs. As I write this, Pilot has given Sanwar an EIGHTH over and Sanwar has given away 9 runs in the first three balls. I just dont get this.

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