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Originally Posted by Kabir
How would it have helped if he didn't get in with that defensive mode? The team was collapsing in front of him. He held the nerve, and with Shafiul, he found a real partner that understood each other. They couldn't have done it without each other, and I doubt they will be able to repeat this with each other as well. Shafiul has strong arms - I believe Ian posted that in some threat that Shafiul was hitting the ball the furthest, further than Tamim. So Mahmudullah and Shafiul had a perfect understanding.

In the pressure, Sakib also gave up, whereas Mahmudullah held his nerves.

I agree about one thing though. Shafiul deserves a BIG part of the credit...they both deserve the same amount of kudos for the win.
if that's the case let's tie the knot between them ...
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