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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
poor analysis. statistically poor.

you have to compare them BOTH at #6-8 batting positions. strike rates vary by position because the responsibility varies by position. Tendulkar has a higher strike rate when opening than he does in the middle order, because middle order (esp 4-5) requires consolidation. openers have initial PP and some have license to attack as team strategy.

at 6-8 position Ash's SR is 76 and Naeem's is almost same 64.75.

So per 60 balls - Ash scores 45-46 and Naeem 38. Thats a difference of 7 to 8 runs.

Even if Naeem had a better SR in the top order position, it still proves my point: Naeem is a top order bat and Ash is (now) a lower order one. But its clear to say that Ash is suited better to play over Naeem and Riyad - who have combined for nearly 40 consecutive innings of failures.
Ok my analysis is poor. Then how ypur analysis make it better?

I filtered with 6/7 slot, failed to take into consider current form. How any performance beyond 1/2 years is relevent now?

I used raw data. But on the other hand you filtered according to your liking, choose controls what you liked and ignored what will not help you to drive your predetermined conclusion.

Atleast I didn't filered my data, I used career stat, If I used last one year, it woiuld be much more to my liking, but I chose not to do that.

If Naeem/Ryiad has nearly 40 consecutive innings of failures, how Ash with a career average of 21 and 12+ in last one year make it success?

If you are not happy with Naam/Ryiad, that fine come up with some better solution, rather than replacing one failure with a bigger failure.
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