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Originally Posted by Fazal
And even a ~40 combined consecutive failures have better average than a 10 failures?

.... unless your defintion of failure changes based on you you judge.

To make it clear again, For last one year Ash has a average of 12 with a SR of 60, and that npot taking consideration that he just scored a 4 against PAK warmup unofficial game.

And you think you have established with your selective filerted data why Ash is a better choice?
Actually Ash career avg at 6-8, through 16 innings is 32...higher than both riyad and naeem. at position 6-8. it doesn't matter if they average 100 at 6-8 with a SR of 50...there are only 60 balls max in the slog overs and 30 in the batting PP...3 swings and misses is poor even if the 4th connects for a boundary - which it almost never does.

when was the last time Riyad and Naeem played a good innings was...and then count back how many innings they've played since.

Averages don't mean a whole lot down the order because of not outs, and the fact that at that point quick runs are what is needed...thats why the OP is concerned solely with SR.

If Naeem gets back to his "chhokka" days, then this thread becomes pointless as he's a much better option.

The problem is that you, like the think tank, wants to play guys out of position.

We could have avoided the whole situation by grooming the likes of Jahirul, Hom, Sabbir, etc as finishers in the mould of an Eoin Morgan. but instead we took a chance on Naeem Riyad. and thats fine, but its time to think of a different solution for now.
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