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but to me I think they are not wrong
I think during my BBA studies, I read in psychology 101 course that when you see the same thing too many times, then even the false things become true to you - kinda something like this, I remember the terms "FAMILIARITY" and "SIMILARITY".

There was once a time when I started watching cricket (not only Bangladesh cricket, those times Bangladesh cricket was not shown on TV regularly) I used to praise India and used to think that there is only one team in the whole wide world and that is India. Can you tell me why most cricket fans fall in love with India first? The reason is very simple - every media praises India, whether they're playing good or bad, doesn't matter. When you turn on your tv, there is India, when you turn on the Internet to watch cricket news, everywhere there is India. In this sub-continent, this is even more in numbers than in the other parts of the world.

Similarly, when you turn to media, there is the Indian media. Over the years, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have had successes in cricket, and since they cannot find their place in the tv channel world of ESPN and Star Sports because of too much of India, so they have a very different sports channel - Ten Sports.

In the same way, we have to find our own 'channel' if I may call it.
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