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Originally Posted by Neel Here
PLEASE convince me you have at least read the post I mentioned. I don't think you have because your question is answered there.
yep that's why he bowed towards the crowd and acknowledged their crude comments. a polite response's not too bad is it ? I would rather he ignored it but then I was not the one standing there with the crowd probably abusing his family members to kingdom come.

please don't forget that in the past even tamim lost control about the behaviour of BD supporters, the fielding coach of the national team complained about it a couple of days back.
don't you think bhaji's reaction was quite mild considering the situation ?
I wasn't talking about crowd's behavior nor Harbajhan's gesture towards the crowd, so discussion is off limits. I agree with you guys that the crowd has been very bad to worse.

Yes, they could have abused Harbajhan's family members, I wouldn't be too surprised. But my statements were not about the crowd, as I am on same page with you with the crowd.
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