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Originally Posted by senman
My problems is with some of the posters here, they all of the sudden claiming sehwag this sehwag that, what for? din't they know his character before? If you have a problem with him then completely ignore him.
Agree with you entirely!

But I'll add this. After his 175 run innings today he has the right to say whatever unprofessional thing he wants to. He's made his point with the bat, his words mean nothing to the game.

Ashraful is unprofessional when he opens his mouth EVERY TIME. Do we complain about it as being unprofessional? No, we more often than not dismiss it and joke about it. Its the same deal with Sehwag. On his day, Ashraful can score 150+ too!

Everyone should put a lid on the Sehwag has a bad attitude nonsense. So did Symmo, and so did Douglas Jardine. And they're all fricking legends!
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